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Hand and footprints that leave a lasting impression. February 19, 2012

The boys and I first made this gift for my husband many Father’s Days ago. They enjoyed creating it and my husband loved receiving it, so we decided to make it a Father’s Day tradition. Each year’s prints are stored in the frame. The boys get a kick out of comparing how big their feet and hands have grown. I’ll have to purchase a bigger frame, soon their feet will be off the pages. Sniff, sniff – they grow so fast.

You will need:

  • Paint (acrylic, finger paint, stamper ink, etc anything that’s easy to wash off)
  • Paper plate
  • Paint brush
  • Copy paper – you can either download our templates and print them off or create your own design.
  • Frame

Tip: Keep wet and dry paper towels on hand, you’ll need ’em for cleaning up.


  1. Print off our templates (or create your own) on paper. We used regular copy paper, the paper is thin so you can stack up each year’s print and compare how the prints ‘grew’ through the years.
  2. Squirt your paint onto the paper plate. Dip your paintbrush into the paint.
  3. Now you need a foot or a hand (depending on which template you use). Cover foot/hand with paint and carefully press onto paper template.
  4. Let your creation dry, frame and give.

Footprint phrase:

“Please walk slower, Daddy,” said a child so small,
“I’m walking in your footsteps, and I don’t want to fall!”

Happy Father’s Day

Handprint phrase:

Everyday I am exploring
Touching everything I’ve found
I leave behind my little marks
and handprints all around

You clean up those handprints
But someday when I’m grown
You’ll wish you had just one
handprint to keep for your own

I made this handprint for you
So that one day when I am tall
You’ll remember what my hand
looked like
Long ago when I was small

Happy Father’s Day

Footprint template

Handprint template

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