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Search And Find Bottle March 31, 2012

I belong to the the Allegan County Great Start Collaborative, it’s a non-profit organization in our county that promotes the benefits of pre-5 education and highlights the programs and services that are offered to our communities (here’s the website: We were holding a garage sale fundraiser. My boys wanted to come up with something they could sell at the fundraiser to help benefit the organization, so they made these. It was their idea to add the ACGSC sticker to the bottles. Great job guys!

You will need:

  • Clean and fully dried water/pop bottles (Yes, we have ‘pop’ in Michigan)
  • Uncooked rice
  • E-6000 adhesive (The best glue in the world – I used it to glue a plastic plume onto a plastic Roman helmet 6 years ago and the plume is still holding strong)
  • Funnel or paper to roll into a funnel
  • String, ribbon, rubber band
  • Scissors
  • Hold punch
  • Colored paper (To print/hand write your list of ‘searchables’)

Here’s a list of ‘searchables’ to choose from: paper clip, pom pom, marble, foam heart, foam triangle, foam square, foam circle, small craft stick, rubber band, pearl, wiggly eye, crayon, penny, nickel, dime, button, shell, safety pin, match stick (Depending on the age group a match stick may not be appropriate, but it could offer a great opportunity to talk about fire safety.) . . . basically grab anything from around the house that will fit through the mouth of the bottle. The items we choose highlighted areas we wanted to work on with our younger child, ie: recognizing shapes and money.

  1. Clean and fully dry the inside and outside of bottle (it must be fully dried, you don’t want the rice to get wet and yucky). Remove any labels.
  2. Place ‘searchables’ in the bottle.
  3. With a funnel, fill bottle 3/4 full of rice. (Make sure you don’t fill the bottle all the way full with rice, you need that extra room for the ‘searchables’ to move around.)
  4. Turn bottle on side to mix everything up.
  5. When you are satisfied with the movement of the rice and ‘searchables’, secure the bottle top closed by spreading the E-6000 adhesive onto the treads of the bottle opening, carefully twist on cap, let set (according to product instructions) to dry.
  6. On the computer (or write by hand), print out the list of ‘searchables’ on brightly colored paper. Make a line in front of the item so the child can check off the item when they have found it.
  7. Punch hole in the upper corner of the list. Run the ribbon/rubber band/string through the hole and attach the list to the bottle.

And there you go – your very own, personalized, seach and find bottle creation.

This is a sample of our list:
Can you find a:
_ paper clip,
_ pom pom,
_ marble,
_ heart,
_ triangle,
_ square,
_ circle,
_ small craft stick,
_ rubber band,
_ pearl,
_ wiggly eye,
_ crayon,
_ penny,
_ nickel,
_ dime,
_ button,
_ shell

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