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Faces In Places July 19, 2012

“Cryin’ baby”, is what my youngest would say to me as he brought me this old alarm clock. I (being myself and all my busyness – not paying as much attention to the situation as I should have been), would reply “Oh, is the baby sad?”, thinking he was talking about himself. I would pick him up and kiss him until he giggled. I thought he just needed some extra lovin’ at that time. Finally, my oldest informed me to look at the back of the clock. “It looks like a crying baby”, he stated, and it sure does! Ever since, we have been on a mission to look for hidden faces in every day objects. This summer we decided to make it one of our photographic assignments – to photograph as many faces as we can find. Many are taken on the run, as you can see by the blurriness of some photos. We pull up, quickly take the shot and drive off. It’s a thrill when a face is found, the kids erupt with excitement. We’ll eventually have a photo book made through Snapfish ( I like that the kids are a little more observant of their surroundings, paying attention to details. We still aren’t set on some of the titles, it’s a work in progress.

Oh, and the pizza photo – that is EXACTLY how it was found. We didn’t alter any of the toppings.


You will need:

  • Camera
  • Eagle eyes
  • Sense of humor

Don’t forget to take your camera EVERYWHERE with you. You never know when a face is going to pop up.




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