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Kiddo Tip: Screen Door = Feline Barrier September 12, 2012

You can just imagine my horror when I walked into the nursery one morning and found our beloved cat sleeping on top of our 3-WEEK-old son’s chest! Our son is fine, he’s 12 (almost 13) and breathing quite well – but, that discovery absolutely made my skin crawl. Within hours my husband and I had installed a screen door to keep the feline out.


You will need:

  • Screen door (If you pick up an older door from a sale, just make 100% sure that there is absolutely NO LEAD PAINT on it)
  • Hinges and screws to mount the door
  • Handle
  • Drill
  • Stain/paint/polyurethane
  • Brushes
  • Drop cloths
  • Sand paper
  • Tack cloth (A specialized type of wiping cloth that is treated with a ‘tacky’ material. It’s designed to remove loose particles of dust, dirt and lint from an area that you’re going to paint or stain.)
  • We installed a spring that pulls the door closed



  1. Lightly sand door. With a tack cloth, wipe remaining saw dust from door.
  2. Paint or stain/polyurethane door.
  3. Install hinges, hang door.
  4. Install handle and spring (optional).


Note to self. Youngest son is 6, time to take down screen door. I guess I’ll add THAT to my never ending ‘To Do’ list.


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