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Upholstered Headboard September 14, 2012

The finished “cozy” headboard!

My husband and I had been talking about buying a bed for our room for years.  We were  using a mattress frame with no headboard or footboard.  We shopped at all of the local stores but couldn’t get ourselves to spend the money on something that just wasn’t that great.  We decided to take matters into our own hands and built our own headboard.  It was a lot of fun and super easy!  Thanks to for having such wonderful detailed directions.

What you need:

  • 1/2 inch plywood large enough for your bed dimensions
  • foam -we used our repurposing skills and used a foam mattress pad instead of buying expensive foam from the fabric store:-)
  • batting to cover foam
  • your favorite fabric
  • D ring hooks
  • button cover kit (these are so much fun:-)
  • embroidery thread
  • finish nails
  • jig saw
  • drill
  • staple gun

Here’s how to make it

  1. Cut your plywood to the desired size and add curvature if desired.  We simply measured 2 points and connected them to get our curve, then made a template to match the second side.   Be sure not to make it too drastic so it does not become a nightmare to fold the fabric around.
  2. Measure and mark where you want your buttons to go.  This took a little time to figure out for us, but I may have been overthinking it.  We ended up with 3 rows of buttons with 5 buttons in the middle row and 4 buttons in the top and bottom rows.  Drill holes using 5/16″ drill bit.
  3. Lay foam on cut plywood and cut foam to match the plywood.  As I mentioned, we used a foam mattress pad.  Ours was a 1 1/2″ king size pad.  We folded it in half to have 3″ of foam and cut it to fit.
  4. Wrap batting around the foam and plywood and secure with staples on the back side of the plywood.
  5. Wrap fabric over batting and secure as you did with batting.
  6. Cover your buttons using the nifty button cover kit.  My kids loved this part and were fighting over who got to cover the next button.  We used the 1 ” buttons.
  7. Thread and upholstery need with embroidery floss or upholstery thread.  We had lots of embroidery floss from a summer of making friendship bracelets so we used that.  Push your needle up through the back of the headboard and thread through the button.  Push the needle back down through the headboard and tie the thread to a small finish nail so that the nail is tied very close to the back of the headboard.  Twist the nail to pull the button to desired tension and staple the ends of the nail in place to hold at this tension.  Repeat with remaining buttons.
  8. Fasten D rings to the back of the headboard for mounting.  We first determined where we wanted to hang it on the wall and measured the stud location to make sure the D rings would line up.  Add large screws or nails to the wall, lift your new headboard, and hang.  This was trickier than it sounds.  It was definately a 2 person job.
  9. Enjoy your cozy new headboard!

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