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Let’s Eat Together November 22, 2012

It’s hard to take in the fact that the ‘kids’ on both sides of my family are getting older. Last year, on my side, many of the kids were not able to make it home for Thanksgiving. I went to work and created care packages that I mailed out. The main contents of the package were picture cut-outs of the entire family. I tried to get most of us eating. In the package I also included a paper fold out turkey and placemats for them to color. One of my niece’s took this picture in her dorm room. It wasn’t the same as us all together, but it was the closest thing to it.


You will need:

  • Photos
  • Card stock
  • Scissors



  1. Compile photos of family members eating.
  2. Add a little rectangle at the bottom of each photo to act as a base. Cut half circles from card stock. Cut a slit on the half-way mark of the circle, do not cut all the way through. This can be done on the computer or you could do it by hand. Print out photos onto card stock, trim out photos.



Here’s the letter I sent:



Boy-oh-boy I sure do hope this got to you all on time!!! We miss you all terribly. Since you were unable to come ‘home’ for Thanksgiving, we thought we would send the family your way.

Now, you’ll need to assemble each family member. You simply take the little half circle shape and fit it into the slit at the bottom of each white box, it will create an ‘X’ shape so you can place everyone on the table when you are having your Thanksgiving dinner. So, we will all be eating together all over the country. I’ve also sent a marvelous center piece and handsome place mats (be sure to fill it out).

Hope to see you soon. We’ll be thinking of you all.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Hugs and kisses,
Auntie Kor



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