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Keep Your Lid On January 3, 2013




Have you ever traveled over the river and through the woods with a crock pot between your feet, only to arrive at your destination with whatever was in the crock pot all over your shoes? I have, many ‘o times.


I was in my normal frantic rush to get everyone and all the food I had made, out of the house and in the car (hoping to make Christmas dinner on time this year). I sadly looked down at my lovely Christmas shoes knowing soon they would be covered in sweet creamed corn and I came up with an idea. I quickly ran to my desk draw and pulled out 2 ‘Silly Bandz’ (Silly Bandz are rubber bands formed into shapes. If you have a child 8 or below you have a boat load of them crammed in a drawer. Regular rubber bands will work too). I looped the first band over one handle, then up and over the top handle of the crock pot lid. Did the same with the other side.


My shoes made it to Christmas dinner without creamed corn all over them, Christmas was saved. Well . . . not really, but my shoes were 🙂



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