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Capturing Winter – Framed Ice Skates January 5, 2013


Frames are a great, inexpensive way to showcase just about any item. Any time we are shopping at a resale shop, Goodwill®/Salvation Army® or garage sale our sights are always on the look out for unique picture frames. We prefer frames with bold details and solid construction. So when you’re out and about, keep your eyes peeled for picture frames. Now, grab a can of paint and let’s get going.


You will need:

  • Frame
  • Set of ice skates (check garage sales, resale shops, Goodwill/Salvation Army, your own basement or garage)
  • Ribbon – a wider ribbon (for main bow) and a coordinating smaller width ribbon (small enough to go through eyelets of skates, this ribbon will replace the shoestrings from the skates)
  • Spray paint
  • Drill
  • Screw and a washer
  • Drop cloth
  • Wood block scraps (optional)
  • Screw eyes and wire (for hanging)
  • Wiping cloth (discarded washcloth, T-shirt, sock, etc)



  1. Take shoestrings out of skates, save shoestrings for later.
  2. Remove glass and backing materials from frame. Lightly sand frame. Wipe down frame and skates with a cloth, making sure dirt and dust have been removed.
  3. Lay down drop cloth. At this point, lay down wooden blocks (optional). We use wooden blocks to prop up items when spray painting. Doing so, makes it a bit easier to get full coverage of the items you’re painting.
  4. Spray paint frame and skates (both sides). Allow to fully dry. Apply another coat. Allow to fully dry.
  5. Lace up skates with the smaller ribbon. Use the original shoestrings to measure the length of the ribbon you’ll need. Twist ribbon so the front design of the ribbon shows. If you’re having trouble with the ribbon fitting through the eyelets, wrap the ends of the ribbon with tape.
  6. Attach skates onto the back of the frame by screwing a screw (and a washer) through both sets of ribbon. Puncture a pilot hole through the ribbon first (use a utility knife or nail). With the drill, carefully screw the screw through the ribbon first and then onto the back of the frame. You’ll need a partner to help hold the ribbon while the other person screws the screw through the ribbon. Go very slow with the drill. (Here’s the placement of items: Washer first, put the screw through the hole of the washer, screw the ribbon on, then attach entire group onto the back of the frame)
  7. To hang the piece, we attached screw eyes onto the back of the frame. Attach screw eyes on each side of the back of the frame, about 1/4 of the way from the top. String wire through a screw eye, wrap wire around itself to attach to screw eye. Pull wire through other screw eye, holding up piece to see if more or less wire is needed, wrap wire around itself, trim excess wire. You will be able to hang the piece from this wire with a sturdy wreath hanger.
  8. Attach bow with wire (or hot glue or your favorite adhesive). Wrap the wire around the frame, twisting the wire together at the back of the frame for a secure hold.


How to make a bow:
Our friend Tammy showed us how to make the beautiful bow. We used a spool of ribbon that was 9 feet long and it was just enough.

  1. Unroll ribbon. Leave a ‘tail’ that’s about 14 inches long, this will be the ribbon end that hangs down.
  2. Fold ribbon back and forth onto itself, making a figure eight shape (check out the pictures, you’ll get a better idea of what’s going on here). Do this four times so you’ll have 4 soon-to-be bows on each side. Our bows measured roughly 8 inches across the entire figure eight shape.
  3. Hold ribbon together temporarily with a paper clip.
  4. With floral wire, wrap wire around the center of the ribbon and twist to secure. Remove paper clip when wire is securely attached.
  5. For the center of the bow, do one loop to one of the sides and attach it to the main ribbon with the wire. Our center measured roughly about 2 inches across.
  6. Twist wire on the back of the bow so it’s all secure.
  7. Spread out the bows. You may need to turn some of the bows right-side-out.
  8. Trim ends of the ribbon at an angle.


Get bold and unique with your color choices.


Crafter’s Note: We recommend placing the framed skates in an area that will not have a lot of movement. A door that doesn’t get opened, a wall, etc. Definitely do NOT hang them over a window. The skates are quite heavy. We also recommend to keep the piece in an area that may be protected by the elements. Rain, snow and extreme cold may cause the paint on the skates to peel or crack. The skates are usually made out of leather and the leather may expand/contract due to the temperature change. My skates are hanging inside the house, in our foyer over a closet door (with a very heavy wreath hook). Also, do not hang the piece over an area where children play. Again, the skates are extremely heavy and there always is a possibility of the piece falling. Use thoughtful judgment when hanging your skates.


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