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Wood and Ribbon Cross Craft – Praise and Coffee the Magazine February 21, 2013

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Who knew that weathered wood could create such a stir in the crafting decor world? We have our own little secret stash in the back, hidden from husbands who would love to use it in a burn pile. Want to create your own weathered wood? Contact a local business that may use wooden skids – carpet store, restaurant, building supply, local farmer. Let them know what you’re up to, some may give them to you or offer them to you at a low price. Toss them outside where they will get exposed to the elements, wait a few months and there you go . . . or you can check craigslist.


Now let’s get craftin’!


You will need:

  • Roll of 7/8” ribbed ribbon (Ribbed ribbon tends to grip better on the screws)
  • An old towel, folded over a few times (To protect your work surface)
  • Weathered wood roughly cut to the size you need (Our wood was from old skids. We had 2 different widths, 5 1/2” and 3 1/4” – both were cut down to 9” long)
  • Ruler
  • Chalk
  • Blue tape
  • Jute string
  • Scissors
  • Screw eyesGLAMa WEB
  • Mending plates (We used 2”)
  • Screws for mending plates (We used #6 x 5/8”)
  • Screws for the front of the board. They need to be long enough to go into the board (not all the way through the board) and long enough for the ribbon to wrap around. (Use what you have. We had 1-5/8” gold screws on hand. They didn’t match the screw eyes, which were a silver color. You don’t notice at all. If anything it adds to the rustic charm)
  • Drill
  • Print out of the cross template. You can download it from the link below


1. Lay out the boards the way you would like them to be displayed. Flip them over and attach the mending plates. To ensure you are screwing into the correct side of the mending plate, look at the holes on the plate. You will notice the holes have a contour to them. The screw heads will set flush with the plate when you place the screw through the correct side. We used 2 brackets for each board (Even for the 3 board craft. Place one plate on the right, holding the top and middle boards together. Place the other plate on the left, holding the bottom and middle boards together. The jute string will help hold the entire piece together.)

2. Cut a piece of jute string about the length of your arm span. Wrap jute string 2 times around board about 1/2” from the edge. Tie off, on the backside, with a double not. Trim off bow. This string will have 2 purposes – #1 it will act as a bumper to keep your board from scratching the wall. #2 if your board is not fully dried it will tend to crack and possibly break apart. By tying the string to both sides, when/if it does crack it will stay in one piece.

3. On the top edge of the board, drill pilot holes for the screw eyes to go through. With your fingers twist in screw eyes. To make screw eyes go into the board all the way – place a screw through the eye of the screw eye, use the screw as leverage to turn the screw eye deeper into the wood.

4. On the front of the board – find the center of the board, with chalk and a ruler draw a vertical line down the center of the board.

5. Print off template, it may need to be enlarged or reduced to fit your board. Trim off excess paper and tape template onto your board – aligning center of the template (gray line) with the center chalk line on the board. The black dots on the template are where you will be drilling in the screws for the cross layout.

6. With the hand drill, drill the screws through each black dot on the paper template into your board. Place the ribbon next to the first screw to get the correct depth of your screw. Use the first screw as a ‘master’ to base the depth of the other screws. It works best to start at the top of the design and work your way down. Drill the screws through each black dot, there will be 13 total. When done, pull off paper and tape.

7. Use a rag to wipe off the chalk line.

8. Grab the ribbon. Tie a double knot on the screw marked ‘Start’ (reference template). Take the ribbon to the screw above the ‘Start’ screw, go on the right (inside) of the screw. Run ribbon to the screw to the left, go on the outside of that screw. Go up (outside) to the next screw. Over to the right (inside). Up (outside). Right (outside). Down (inside). Right (outside). Down (outside). Left (inside). Down (outside). Left (outside). Up (outside). Tie off ribbon with a double knot. Trim off excess ribbon.

9. With a separate piece of ribbon, tie a bow around the screw head marked ‘Start’. The knot of the bow will cover up the head of the screw. (We used about 30” of ribbon to make the bow). Trim ends of ribbon at an angle.

10. Cut a length of ribbon, measure from your nose to the end of your fingers, for the hanger. Tie the 2 ends into a bow. Trim ends at an angle.


Download the cross template:  CROSS TEMPLATE







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