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Baby Shower Gift – Baby Body Suit July 8, 2013


I had an upcoming baby showing for my niece and her husband. I wanted to create a personal, hand-crafted gift, so I started researching Pinterest. I came across a post for a baby body suit idea, the post also included a recycled packaging idea (which Katie and I are all about):

The post gave me inspiration to try the iron-on adhesive. It’s an amazing product and I wanted to share it with you.



You will need:

  • White, cotton baby body suits
  • Heat n Bond® (There’s Heat n Bond Lite (purple package) & Heat n Bond Ultra Hold (red package). I purchased the Lite (purple). The associate at the store told me the Ultra will eventually come off and it’s best NOT to sew with the Ultra (it will ‘gum’ up your needle). I wanted to stitch around my images so I purchased the Lite.)
  • Fabric scraps (I went with flannel. I wanted the edges to fray when the item was washed and I felt flannel would be my best bet.)
  • Scissors
  • Print out of a silhouette (Here’s a site to check out for referencing silhouettes:
  • Iron and ironing board (ironing surface)
  • Pen or pencil (something to use for tracing around silhouette)
  • Corresponding thread
  • Needle


Directions for baby body suit:

  1. Pre-wash (without fabric softener) and fully dry, baby body suits and fabric scraps.
  2. Iron Heat n Bond onto the back of fabric scraps, follow directions on back of Heat n Bond package.
  3. Trace silhouette onto fabric scrap. I flipped my image over and traced directly onto the Heat n Bond.
  4. Cut out image.
  5. Peel off paper liner from Heat n Bond, place fabric silhouette onto front of baby body suit (adhesive side down), iron on silhouette.
  6. Allow to cool. With needle and thread – stitch around outside edges, leaving an area about 1/8″-1/4″ to allow for fraying (optional).


Supplies & Directions for Packaging

You will need:

  • Jar with lid (anything will do – pickle, spaghetti, etc). Make sure mouth of jar is big enough to fit the body suits into.
  • Spray paint (and primer is a good idea)
  • E-6000 Adhesive
  • Drawer knob
  • Jute string, ribbon (embellishments)



  1. I recommend painting jar lid with a primer first. Allow to fully dry, apply spray paint (2-3 coats of spray paint).
  2. When lid is fully dried, attach drawer knob onto jar lid with E-6000 (follow manufacturer’s directions on back of E-6000 package).
  3. Roll up body suits, place into jar.
  4. Attach jute string.craftredo


The nursery is yellow so I rolled up yellow-themed wash clothes and placed them into another jar.


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