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Bottle Cap Magnet/Message Center Craft Class January 13, 2013


When: THIS Sunday, January 20th at 3:00 pm
Where: Brandon Elementary (Martin Public School) 1619 University Street; Martin, Michigan 49070

Here’s a link for the directions to the school:
Enter through the main entrance on the West side of the building (Elementary entrance). Please park in the parking lot – NOT the loop or the student drop off area.
Classes will be held in the art room. Follow the signs.


Attendees will craft 6 recycled bottle cap magnets, they will also create a message board made from a cookie sheet.

What we need from you:

  1. Please register no later than Thursday, January 17th. To register, send us an email at:
  2. Cost for the session is $20 per person. Please bring payment to the craft class.
  3. Feel free to bring your own treats and drinks. No alcoholic beverages, please.
  4. We ask that we keep the session for adults only (no kids please). Teens 13 and up are welcome to attend, but must be accompanied by a paid adult. Feel free to invite friends.
  5. Please arrive on time. Exterior doors will be locked when class begins.


There will be a table set out if you would like to display a flyer/brochure of what you do. Are you an exercise instructor, writer of a magazine, the head of an organization? Bring a brochure or flyer to display on the table.

Any questions, feel free to email Katie and Korene at:

Next craft session will be Sunday, February 10th. We will be making a Valentine craft. Pictures will be posted soon.


1970’s Dresser = TV Console February 19, 2012

Upon purchasing his coveted flat screen television my husband, John, started to research consoles for the TV components. He was flabbergasted by the price of the consoles, so he got creative and transformed an old discarded dresser into a TV console.

You will need:

  • Dresser
  • Drop cloth
  • Primer (John used spray primer)
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint (he used spray paint)
  • Drill with a hole saw bit (3″ hole saw drill bit)
  • Handles
  1. Remove hardware (handles) from dresser.
  2. Take top drawer out, this will be the area to hold components. On the back panel of that same area, drill big holes in the back panel or with a saw, cut a rectangle shape. This will allow air to flow through to the component unit for ventilation.
  3. Sand and prep dresser for primer. Our dresser had a metallic gold and white laminate finish (oh so 70’s). John sanded the surface just enough to take the sheen off, giving something for the primer to adhere to. At this point, it’s a good time to fill in the holes from the old handles with wood putty. Place dresser on drop cloth and prime dresser.
  4. Allow primer to fully dry, paint with the colored topcoat you’ve chosen.
  5. When dry, attach new hardware.

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I borrowed this photo from ebay, it’s similar to the finish that our dresser had. If you come across a not-so-attractive dresser at a sale, pick it up and transform it!!


Entertainment Center = Bench

When we bought our flat screen TV, our enormous, oak entertainment center had no purpose. We called several resale shops and donation centers, but nobody wanted the poor thing. They said it was obsolete. I mentioned to John how he could truncate the piece and turn it into a bench (I’ve always wanted a bench in our foyer). He wasn’t too certain it could be done, he just couldn’t see my vision. I tried persuasion, complementation, encouragement, double dares and threats – he still couldn’t visualize it. I gave up on my persuasions and put it on MY ‘to do list’. One day I would feel brave and strong enough to hold up the heavy piece and just go for it. I’m not sure if John knew I would be crazy enough to try the transformation myself or if he actually saw the same vision, but I came home one day and there it was, the bench I was looking for. He said it really wasn’t too hard to do, either.

John did a fantastic job with the bench, it couldn’t be more perfect. The doors on the left hold mittens and hats. The drawer on the right holds wooden puzzles and games. I often catch the kids sitting on it and reading. I have fabric to sew a cushion for it, but that’s on my ‘to do list’. I just wish I had a before photo to show you. I know I have one, somewhere – when I come across it, I’ll post it. You really need to see the before photo to appreciate the bench. We saved beautiful wood from a landfill and I finally got my beloved bench.

You will need:

  • Entertainment Center
  • Saw
  • Nails (Finish Nails – size will depend on your piece. John used 2 1/2”)
  • Putty
  • Pry Bar

Directions (In John’s words):

I first cut the sides and middle supports with a sawsall at the base. Then turned the upright supports with the top still attached upside down and removed the uprights from the top with a flat pry bar. (This model was nailed with a 2 1/2” finish nail). I then removed the nails from the top section and placed it on top of what was the bottom or cabinet section of the entertainment center. Make sure you have a smooth surface where you cut the uprights off so that the top will have a level area to bear on.  Take 2 1/2” finish nails and nail the top to the cabinet, fill holes with wood putty. I took a touch up marker for wood furniture and stained the putty to a color that matched the rest of the bench.

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