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Pet Coupon Stocking Stuffer December 23, 2012


One Christmas Eve while wrapping presents in the middle of the night, it dawned on me I had forgotten stocking stuffers for our beloved pets! For goodness sake, what was I going to do when the children checked the pet’s stockings and realized that Santa had forgotten them. Trying desperately to keep the magic of Santa alive and well, I downloaded a free clip art image of Santa and created a coupon for the pets. Whew! Christmas was saved.


Our 2 page download includes:

  • Premium Bird Food,
  • Premium Cat Food,
  • Premium Dog Food,
  • Premium Fish Food,
  • Premium Crickets (for frogs, snakes, turtles, etc),
  • Premium Pellets (for rabbits, guinea pigs, etc)


Feel free to download our FREE, 2 page, coupon printable: pet coupon