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March Craft Class – Accessories! March 9, 2014

Tired of the cold temperatures, piercing wind and the yucky ‘white stuff’? We are too, so come craft with us. This class is all about accessories. Crafters will make a recycled bubble necklace, found object ring and 2 repurposed scarf designs. Funny story about the scarves – there’s a photo of only one design because I couldn’t find the other scarf. I looked and looked all day long for the thing, then at night I realized . . . I was wearing it! I was too tired to snap a shot of it, but trust us it’s super cute.


Craft class is Sunday, March 23rd
1:00pm – 4:00pm (*NOTE time difference. We needed a little more time with this craft.)
Class will be held at Brandon Elementary Art Room, (Martin Public School) 1619 University Street; Martin, Michigan 49070.


To register, send us an email at:


Register by Thursday, March 20th.


Cost for the session is $20 per person. Please bring payment to the craft class. All supplies will be provided by Katie and Korene.


Feel free to bring your own treats and drinks. No alcoholic beverages, please.


We ask that we keep the session for adults only (no kids please). Teens 13 and up are welcome to attend, but must be accompanied by a paid adult. Feel free to invite friends.


Here’s a link for the directions to the school:


Enter through the main entrance on the West side of the building (Elementary entrance). Please park in the parking lot – NOT the loop or the student drop off area. Please arrive around or before 1:00, we will be locking the exterior doors (for our safety) a little bit after 1:00.


Don’t forget: There will be a table set out if you would like to display a flyer/brochure of what YOU do. Are you an exercise instructor, product consultant, the head of an organization? Bring a brochure or flyer to display on the table.





The Essential White Envelope June 30, 2012

If you’re a parent with school-aged kids, one of the items on your “back to school list” will be white envelopes. Every week these envelopes travel to school containing items such as money for popcorn, Scholastic® book order forms, lunch money, notes to the teacher, etc. Your vital contents will arrive to school in one of these amazing little messengers of white paper (ONLY if your child remembers to give it to the teacher).

One summer day I was trying to figure out an activity for the kids and I to do. Earlier that morning we had hit the mother load of all garage sales . . . a retired grade school teacher was having a sale. We stocked up on games, over-sized books, flash cards, holiday decorations, window decals and the best prize of all, BUG STAMPS. No boy can resist, bug stamps. As soon as we got home I put those bug stamps to work. Along with ink pads and white envelopes, I came up with an extremely easy project. The kids wanted no part of this act, at first. Then, slowly I sucked them into doing all the work (boo-haaa-haaa-haaaaaa). No, actually we had some really wonderful conversations during this project. And I was given the opportunity to sit back, watch what they came up with and listen to how funny they are. Next school year when I am in my morning hustle, grabbing one of those envelopes – I’ll stop and think of the fun day we had stamping and just simply talking with each other.

You will need:

  • White envelopes
  • Stamps
  • Ink pads
  • Optional: colored pencils, markers, paints

This is an easy one folks – grab some envelopes, ink up some stamps and go for it. We even enhanced our stamps by coloring them in with colored pencils. If you’re feeling really creative, don’t forget to stamp images on the back as well.

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