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Stamped Washer Craft July 10, 2013

My husband had purchased a steel letter/number stamping set for me during one of our excursions to Harbor Freight. I had been dyin’ to try it out. Father’s Day was coming . . . I saw an opportunity.

LIGHT 100_3303

Our father’s do not need anything, not a THING – they continue to tell us that. So we focused on the ‘thought’ of the gift. We gave them a personalized flashlight, monster magnet and a heaping plate of home-made cookies (I’ll have to share this recipe later, it’s awesome).


You will need:

  • Steel Letter/Number Stamping Set (We used the 1/8” set. Here’s the link for the stamping set from Harbor Freight:
  • Hammer
  • Safety glasses
  • Cutting board or flexible cutting mat
  • Washers (For our project we used 3/8” & 1/2”. Helpful Hint: Buy a few extra washers, it may take a few tries before you get the hang of it.)
  • Permanent Sharpie marker
  • Baby wipes
  • Key ring flashlight (Purchased at dollar store)
  • Hard surface for pounding


Directions for stamping onto washers:

  1. Place cutting board/mat onto hard surface. We used our garage concrete floor. The concrete is a hard enough surface to pound on, the cutting board/mat creates a stable surface that will, hopefully, keep the washers from moving around while you are pounding on them.
  2. With safety glasses on, position stamp onto washer, pound top of stamp with hammer. Pound super-duper hard. 8-10 pounds with the hammer worked well. I found it helpful to hold my fingers against the mat and stamp, towards the bottom, while pounding with the hammer. This appeared to minimize any bouncing with the stamp. You don’t want the stamp to move at all.
  3. Wipe surface of the washer with a baby wipe. Color in letters with the Sharpie marker. Do about 3-4 letters at a time, making sure to fill in all the parts of each letter. Wipe surface with baby wipe. If you are having a hard time not getting all of the marker off of the surface, try coloring over the surface area again with the marker and then quickly wiping with baby wipe.
  4. Attach washers to key ring flashlight.


This project can be used in many other ways. Use it as an embellishment onto of a package or an added highlight to a hand-made gift.


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Here are the monster magnets.

My mom and I made these when I was a kid (that was when wheels were square, according to my children). I totally forgot about these monster magnets until I came across them on Pinterest, old crafts never die.

We saved plastic bread tags, glued on googly eyes, embellished with glitter glue. Allowed to fully dry, flipped them over and attached magnet strips to the backs.

The grandpas really got a kick out of ‘em.

BREAD 100_3305